Mt. Sinai and Flowlabs

Research Study

66 Canadian men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer every day.

This is a non-invasive and drug-free study.

Do you have a diagnosis for prostate cancer?

With our well known uro-oncology colleagues in Toronto, Calgary and Ghent, we plan to collect semen samples from 400 men undergoing investigation for elevated PSA and/or abnormal prostate examinations. 

We will collect standardized clinical information (age, family histories, PSA values, MRI and prostate biopsy if available), perform validation studies on the semen “omics” mentioned above and integrate the clinical and “omics” data (Dr Shraddha Pai of the OICR) to develop predictive algorithms.

What To Know

Our group of clinicians and researchers have worked on semen markers for prostate cancer for over  10 years.

Our collaborators in Belgium are experts on semen transcriptomics and have discovered and provided initial validation for an mRNA panel to diagnose life threatening CaPr.

Dr Hyndman and collaborators in Calgary have discovered and initially validated a panel of metabolomic semen markers: future validation of these metabolic markers will be in collaboration with Dr Rafa Montenegro Burke (Donnelly Centre). Drs Diamandis/Jarvi have published extensively on semen biomarkers and have identified a semen cytokine panel to differentiate prostate inflammation from prostate cancer.

Finally, Dr George Yousef and team are internationally recognized experts in miRNA markers for CaPr and will validate the miRNA panel.