Frequently Asked Questions

FlowLabs is a medical diagnostic laboratory, specializing in male fertility testing. 

FlowLabs primarily specializes in male fertility testing. This includes:

  • Semen analysis
  • DNA fragmentation integrity assay
  • Post-ejaculation urinalysis
  • Post vasectomy 
  • Sperm aneuploidy
  • SpermPredict (TEX101, ECM1)
Semen analysis is  the evaluation of a person’s semen and the sperm contained within. It tests specifically for how many sperm are released (concentration), their shape (morphology), how well they move (motility) as well as other qualities of the semen
DNA Fragmentation Assay detects the percentage of sperm with DNA damage. Sperm with abnormal genetic material have a higher chance of causing miscarriage, and have a higher fail rate for assisted conception treatments. The lower the DFI, the less damage has been done to the sperm DNA, and vice versa.
Semen Analysis assesses the outer physical properties of the sperm while DNA Fragmentation assesses the internal genetic properties. While the outer physical properties of the sperm may appear healthy in a semen analysis, a closer look with DFI may reveal genetic abnormalities that could be the cause of miscarriage.
Semen analysis results are typically ready within 5-7 business days.  The turnaround time for DFI results is 3-4 weeks. Aneuploidy results typically take around 4-6 weeks.

FlowLabs has an online service called “MyChart” in partnership with Sunnybrook Hospital. This is a private patient portal. To sign up for this service, you will need to use a new OHIP card (not red and white). Please log into our patient portal with the credentials emailed to you after registering with FlowLabs, and click on the “MyChart” button. Please ensure you use the same email address and details you used for registration with FlowLabs.

Please allow about 30 minutes after signing up for MyChart and having your results released to visibly see your results on the patient portal.

If your results are still not shown, please contact our administrative office at 1-416-581-0000 or send an email to [email protected]

If you do not have an OHIP card number, you may request to pick up a physical copy of your results from any of our collection locations by first calling 1-416-581-0000 and arranging a date and time. You must bring your valid ID with you in order to pick up your results.

Please visit our website after registering with FlowLabs, receiving your login information, and  a collection kit. Log in to your account using the “Patient Login” link at the top of the home page. Click on the “Book an appointment” button, and book an appointment for any FlowLabs site either to drop off your sample or collect onsite.  

If you have trouble booking an appointment, please call our administration services at 1-416-581-0000 for assistance, or email [email protected].

You may order a FlowLabs collection kit by registering with FlowLabs on our website and following the prompts.

If you have already registered with FlowLabs, but require another collection kit, please sign into the patient login and order a kit directly from that portal. 

On –site collection with FlowLabs means that the patient will come to the selected FlowLabs location and be given a collection kit to collect a sample (or already have a collection kit with them). They will be directed to a private, sound-proof collection room in the FlowLabs facility where they will collect their sample.
Drop off collection at FlowLabs means that after obtaining a collection kit and booking an appointment online, the patient will collect their sample, at home, on the day of their appointment and bring their sample (along with their completed, original doctor’s signed requisition and completed checklist) to their drop off location within an hour of collecting their sample. 

Regardless of the method of collection, as long as patients ensure they follow all collection instructions in their kits, accurate results should be obtained.

You are welcome to order a kit online, but it is unnecessary if you are planning on collecting on site. Book your appointment, and we will provide a collection kit for you when you arrive for your appointment. We will then escort you to a private, soundproof room where you can collect your sample. 
One way shipping is shipping an empty kit to your house, or your sample from your house. Two way shipping is a courier service that takes care of both ways of transport to and from the lab.

You can purchase a spermicide-free collection condom as well as a collection kit from Flowlabs when you register and select the tests that your physician has ordered. You can either elect to pick up the condom and kit from a FlowLabs site near you, or have them shipped to you for a nominal fee. Once you have received the collection condom and kit, you can schedule your drop-off appointment, and then use the condom during intercourse in order to collect your sample.

Be sure to transfer the contents to the collection kit upon completion and ensure your drop off appointment is within an hour of collecting your sample.