OHIP card and doctor signed requisition required for your appointment.

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Semen Collection Instructions

FlowLabs has private, on-site collection rooms specifically designed for your comfort for collection of semen samples. Collecting at our facility limits the exposure of the sample to outside contaminates, temperature fluctuations, and controls the time between collection and analysis. A sample may be collected off-site in some circumstances if it can be delivered to the laboratory in an acceptable sterile container within 1 hour of collection. If your physician did not provide a specimen container you may obtain one at FlowLabs. Please call or e-mail the laboratory to arrange collection off-site.

Semen analysis requires an appointment. Remember to have your OHIP card and completed laboratory requisition form with you when you come to the laboratory. For clients without OHIP coverage payment in full is required on the day of your appointment.

We ask that you abstain from any form of ejaculation for 2 to 5 days before a semen collection.

Collection instructions:

  1. The sample container will need to be labelled with your name and date of birth prior to collection. The container label will be verified by you with one of the laboratory staff. If you are bringing the sample from home the container label will need to be verified prior to acceptance of the sample by the laboratory staff.
  2. The semen sample should be collected only after you have washed your hands and penis with soap and water, being sure to rinse away all of the soap residue. Dry thoroughly before collecting the sample.
  3. The sample should be collected by masturbation directly into a sterile, clean and dry container provided by our laboratory or your physician.
  4. Lubricants should not be used to aid in the collection as they may be toxic to sperm.
  5. Condoms should not be used for semen collection because they contain agents that kill sperm. If you need to collect a sample by intercourse, you can purchase non-toxic condoms from our laboratory and use them for sample collection. If you collect a sample in this type of condom, drop the whole condom into one of our sterile containers and bring it to the laboratory.
  6. Interrupted intercourse should not be performed for specimen collection as this may result in the loss of the most critical first portion of the ejaculate and the specimen may be contaminated with cells or bacteria from the vagina.
  7. Be sure the entire sample gets directly into the container and screw the lid of the container on tightly.
  8. Write the time of collection on the container label.
  9. If a portion of the sample was lost during collection, please indicate this to the laboratory staff who takes your sample.
  10. If you have collected the sample off-site the container should be kept close to the body and not be subjected to temperature extremes (less than 20oC or more than 37oC). The specimen should be brought to the laboratory within one hour of collection.
  11. Leave the sample in the collection room pass through or at the registration window.
  12. Laboratory personnel will collect the specimen and paperwork

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to ask the laboratory staff on the day of your appointment or call our office with any concerns before the day of your appointment. Our phone number is (905) 404-5454. You may also email us at enquiries@flowlabs.ca.