Forms & Collection Information

Do you need a blank requisition form to be completed by your physician?

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Semen Analysis Collection Instructions & Drop-Off Checklist

When you have your collection kit, make sure you have registered here at FlowLabs and booked an appointment from the website. All semen analysis appointments require prior booking. We do not book appointments over the phone.

Remember to have your OHIP card and completed laboratory requisition form ready when you place your request for a FlowLabs test, and order your collection kit. For clients without OHIP coverage, payment is required when you place your order.

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Step-by-Step Collection Instructions:

    1. You must abstain from any form of ejaculation for 2-5 days before a semen collection.
    2. Inside your collection kit you will find the following:
      – (1) sterile collection container
      – (1) page of Semen analysis collection instructions
      – (1) page of additional instructions for post-ejaculate urine collection (if
    3. Ensure that you are collecting your sample on the day of your
      – Your sample must be delivered to FlowLabs within 1 hour of collecting. Contact FlowLabs if you’re unable to do so.
      – Keep the sample in contact with your body when transporting to maintain body temperature (i.e. tuck inside shirt, waistband, underarm) 


  • You must abstain from any form of ejaculation for 2-5 days before a semen collection.

  • Condoms should not be used for semen collection because they contain agents that kill sperm. If you need to collect a sample by intercourse, you can purchase non-toxic condoms from our laboratory and use them for sample collection. If you collect a sample in this type of condom, drop the whole condom into one of our sterile containers and bring it to the laboratory.

  • Interrupted intercourse should not be performed for specimen collection as this may result in the loss of the most critical first portion of the ejaculate and the specimen may be contaminated with cells or bacteria from the vagina.

  • Lubricants should not be used to aid in the collection as they may be toxic to sperm.

Semen Sample Collection Instructions:

    1. Inspect the sterile container to ensure that the seal has not been broken. If the container or seal is visibly broken or you suspect that the container is no longer sterile, please inform FlowLabs staff to get a new one.

    2. Clearly label the collection container with your First and Last name and Date of Birth (dd/MMM/yyyy), unless the container has already been labelled for you.

    3. The semen sample should be collected only after you have washed your hands and penis with soap and water. Be sure to rinse away all soap residue.

    4. Dry your hands and penis thoroughly before collecting the sample.

    5. Collect the semen specimen by masturbation only, directly into the collection cup. One complete ejaculation is required.

    6. If a portion of the sample is lost during collection, please make a note of this and inform the laboratory staff when dropping off the sample.

    7. Ensure that the entire sample is in the container and screw the lid of the container on tightly.

      IMPORTANT: Note the collection time on the container.

    8. Place the sample in the biohazardous bag and your original requisition in the outside pocket of the bag.

    9. Seal the bag and transport the sample to the lab. Remember to keep the sample at body temperature (tuck inside shirt, waistband, underarm)

    10. Make sure to hand over your sample to FlowLabs staff or the designated “kit drop off box”. DO NOT leave sample at the door.

If you have any questions or concerns, please email us at, ask the laboratory personnel on the day of your appointment or call our office (416-581-0000) with any concerns before the day of your appointment.