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FERTIL PRO® MTL is a complementary formula to FERTIL PRO® MEN.

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FERTIL PRO® MTL is a scientifically designed all-natural supplement created to provide the precise amount of vitamins and minerals that can help to increase the motility of sperm as well as enhance reproductive health in men.

Beta-Carotene, CoQ10, Lycopene and Vitamin D reduce oxidative stress in seminal fluid and restore sperm motility and capacity to recognize the egg.


  • The daily intake of nutrients has been shown to increase sperm motility.
  • Designed to further enhance fertility potential in assisted reproduction.
  • Recommended by most fertility professionals.

Recommended to be taken in combination with FERTIL PRO® MEN.


View the Study on DNA Fragmentation by YadTech

View the beneficial effect of the supplement by YadTech



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